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Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford makes a jarring contrast with conservative predecessors like prime minister Stephen Harper and premier Mike Harris.

Doug Ford is a different kind of conservative.

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford holds a rally to kick start his Ontario provincial election campaign in Toronto on May 8, 2018.

Doug Ford vows to scrap sex-ed curriculum, replace ‘discovery math,’ tie university funding to free speech.

Understated expenses. Overstated revenues. Hidden debts. Conveniently optimistic assumptions. One wishes this were unusual. But Ontario is not even the worst offender.

Take the books away from the cooks and have impartial accounting of government finances.

As Ontarians head to the polls in June, voters have to make sense of two competing versions of their province’s bottom line.

Bad books: How Ontario’s new hydro accounting could cost taxpayers billions.

Doug Ford said ending per-vote subsidies to political parties "will be healthy for democracy, and will keep parties accountable."

Ontario PC leader Doug Ford says he would end subsidies to parties, calls it ‘political welfare’.