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Ontario’s top court ruled Wednesday that when voters go to the polls in Toronto Oct. 22, they will do so in a 25-ward election.

In fight over Toronto election, Ontario’s top court finds ‘unfair’ doesn’t equal ‘unconstitutional’.

Doug Ford’s idea, so to speak, of trimming the number of simians approaching the typewriter has engaged more press attention than the NAFTA talks and Trans Mountain combined.

Constitutional hell has been unleashed over… the size of Toronto’s council?

The dictators are on the side that did not win the election.

I am hearing rumblings that the media and left are much nastier against Ontario’s Premier Ford and his government than against Premier Mike Harris back in the late 1990s. Not so far, actually.

Ontario lost 80,100 jobs in August, all part-time, the biggest decline for Ontario since 2009.

Canada loses 51,600 jobs, led by Ontario’s biggest drop in almost a decade.

If Premier Ford wants to help strengthen Ontario’s labour market, he can start by reversing the damaging policies that drive Ontario’s poor performance.

Ontario faces relatively low private-sector employment rate, relatively high unemployment rate.

What's next for the premier who hit the ground running this summer?

For Doug Ford, promises are easy, but planning is hard.

It's going to be a fun four years.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s office denies telling staff to stop using term ‘climate change’.