ontario economy

“Dynasties often fall apart just from time.”

When it’s ‘time for a change,’ can anything change that?

For 15 years, Ontario has been run by tax-and-spend champions the Liberals, and now it’s time for common sense, change and discipline again.

Doug Ford will win the Ontario election, and he will be a breath of fresh air to all of Canada.

Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford holds a rally to kick start his Ontario provincial election campaign in Toronto on May 8, 2018.

Doug Ford vows to scrap sex-ed curriculum, replace ‘discovery math,’ tie university funding to free speech.

Understated expenses. Overstated revenues. Hidden debts. Conveniently optimistic assumptions. One wishes this were unusual. But Ontario is not even the worst offender.

Take the books away from the cooks and have impartial accounting of government finances.

Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Premier, held a roundtable with business leader from Ottawa, April 01, 2016.

Province gives billions to private companies without any checks for results.