oil sands

CanaPux blends bitumen with a small amount of plastic to make pucks, which can float in water given the lightness of the plastic.

Now there’s a way to get Alberta oil to market without pipelines — and recycle plastic at the same time

Until the crazed circumstance of the blockade on Alberta energy is resolved, all talk of 'reducing carbon emissions' … should be shelved.

Shelve those ‘carbon’ taxes until the oil is flowing

There are literally dozens of tankers that come into Atlantic Canada and down the St. Lawrence Seaway. Why aren’t we in a knot about that?,' asks Sen. Doug Black.

The federal tanker ban doesn’t really ban tankers. Just Alberta oil.

United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney, in a fiery speech to party members, is promising an all-out attack on the "green left" and those who secretly fund and support the demonization of Alberta's oil.

Jason Kenney declares war on ‘green left’ in speech to conservative party.

Canadian Oil Prices Plunge To $30.