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If Ford won’t agree to testify, hold the vote tomorrow as planned.

When someone is accused of criminal conduct, the burden is not supposed to be on the accused to convince us that it didn’t happen.

When the Mueller charade is finally out of the way, everyone involved in the false applications for a FISA surveillance warrant against junior Trump campaign helper Carter Page will face the music.

The outcome of the midterms may depend on how quickly the administration can counter-attack on the legal front.

He ran for office against both parties and the status quo and carries the fight into the midterms.

The unusually eventful summer has reinforced the stark division between the supporters and enemies of the administration. And in this case, there is no point engaging in the traditional sportsmanlike nomenclature of describing the opposition as “adversaries.” They are enemies and the president would not wish it any other way. He ran for office against […]

It’s time to shine a light on a serious problem.

Corporate Gun Control Might Be the Worst Threat to Gun Rights.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters upon his departure from the White House in Washington, D.C., August 17, 2018.

Formal protections for free speech are important and necessary, but they do not amount to very much without a free-speech culture to back them up.

The far-Left Democratic base dreams of building the United States of Venezuela.

Ohio-12 to GOP leadership: Electrify Republicans, unplug Democrats

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Can Malcolm Turnbull & Australia’s Liberal party win an unlikely return to power?