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The UN’s Obsession against Israel.

Palestinian Authority Rejects ‘Absurd’ U.S. Demand to Stop Pay-for-Slay Payments to Terrorists.

Obama Lied, Americans Died: Released Iranians Tied to Terror, Nuclear Proliferation.

Exclusive — RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel on 2018: ‘We’re Not Going to Concede Anything’.

Schools must accommodate religious needs, Ontario Human Rights Commission says.

Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque draws police complaint.

Palestinians: Arab Idol or Arab Apartheid?

Non-Denial ‘Denial’: Obama Response to Trump ‘Wiretap’ Claim Raises More Questions.

In 1990, the “Gayssot law” was passed, stipulating that “any discrimination based on ethnicity, nation, race or religion is prohibited”.

M-103 won’t build a more united Canada. It will turn Canadians against each other.

Parliament can’t simply demand people feel good about Islam.

Actually, one needn’t be a hysterical bigot to have concerns with M-103.

How long until my honest criticism of Islamism constitutes a speech crime in Canada?

Faith Leaders For America Denounce Imam Mohamed Magid; Call On President Trump To Designate Magid’s Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.