mexican crime

Patrons dine by candlelight in a Mérida restaurant during electricity rates protest.

Electricity tariffs have soared as much as 500% due to new pricing formula. Businesses question why Yucatán electricity costs are 83% higher than in Louisiana.

Mexican marines surround the Secretary of Public Security of Acapulco, Max Lorenzo Sedano, right, on Tuesday. Mexican military forces arrested police officers and took control of the local Public Security Secretariat, citing possible infiltration by organized crime.

Acapulco’s entire police force suspended in corruption probe as crime surges in Mexico.

Decades of neglect, non-existent enforcement, and the deliberate application of policies that make entering the country illegally attractive and lucrative have resulted in a dilution of the value of US citizenship.

Shocker: Study shows the number of illegals double what was previously thought.

Trump has even taken to calling Mexico's president-elect "Juan Trump" in private.

Mexico’s new president sounds a lot like Trump on border security.