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Standing firm and staying true to self, this is how conservatives should fight.

Unlike what’s expected of most conservatives when hit with these sorts of allegations, Masse and Bernier did not back down, and instead castigated the B’nai Brith and the Conservative Party for their gutter tactics and apparent underhanded coordination.

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier speaks in Saint John, N.B., on Thursday, January 17, 2019.

Nobody wants to talk about him, the media are trying desperately to ignore him but how do you ignore movements which appear out of nowhere and spawned Brexit, Trump and then Ford, not to mention similar movements in many other nations?

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson argues that Bernier giving her a platform to express controversial views makes him more 'democratic' than other leaders.

Bernier’s first official candidate, known for sex-ed activism, says People’s Party speaking to ‘silent majority’

It has a charismatic leader, a compelling origin story and a populist vision. But can the People's Party of Canada attract any actual people?

Inside Maxime Bernier’s quest to build a new political movement.

A wolf running loose in a flock of sheep?

Bernier can join leaders’ debates if People’s Party meets nomination threshold: Gould

Following an interview with Wendy Mesley, Bernier took to Twitter accusing her of a ‘smear job’ and trying to link him to U.S. billionaires, the Koch brothers.

Maxime Bernier is furious after being interviewed by the CBC — and he may have a point.

“I’m running on four principles: individual freedom; personal responsibility; fairness; and also respect”: Bernier

People’s Party under Bernier to champion more privatized healthcare, unity over diversity.

A broader narrative of defending the public interest (“the people”) from the combined assault of a thousand interest groups — of limited, rules-based government as the only kind that truly serves the many, rather than the few — may have legs.

There is room in Canadian politics for Maxime Bernier’s worthy experiment.

If you have genuinely conservative principles hidden somewhere on your person, be ready to act boldly and swiftly on them when opportunity knocks.

Why should Maxime Bernier wait? Haven’t we all waited long enough?

It appears the MP from Beauce will have more influence on Conservative messaging outside the party than he had in it.

Bernier sees himself as leader of a new political movement, but he’ll most likely find obscurity.

Toronto-area Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, author of the controversial M-103 motion regarding Islamophobia, also made life uncomfortable for her party.

Take comfort Tories. Diversity doesn’t always come easy to the Liberals, either.

Mad Max is still mad. Can Andrew Scheer trust him?