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Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson argues that Bernier giving her a platform to express controversial views makes him more 'democratic' than other leaders.

Bernier’s first official candidate, known for sex-ed activism, says People’s Party speaking to ‘silent majority’

From inflatable boats to ketchup to felt-tip pens, we tried to make sense of the weirder American products facing punishment from Canadians.

Inflatable boats, felt pens and beer kegs: Here’s what Canada targeted with tariffs, and why.

“I’ve heard enough on the subject.”

Open rebellion from Conservatives, NDP over $7 billion spending approval.

I think what we see is democracy in Canada being effective.

Trudeau finds out what more-independent Senate is capable of as transportation bill faces further delay.

Justin Trudeau in January 2017. He ultimately stood by the message in his tweet but began adding, during public appearances, that "there are steps to go through" to be considered a refugee.Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press/File

Trudeau tweet caused influx of refugee inquiries, confusion within government, emails reveal.