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AGCO’s rule of ownership means the lottery winners will not be able to either sell their licences, enter into a franchise agreement that would see someone else run the cannabis shop, or enter into any kind of partnership that would see them share or hand over control to another entity.

‘People are asking for millions’: Inside the legally fraught mad scramble to woo Ontario’s pot lottery winners

Aspen, a Husky who was taken to emergency after consuming a presumed cannabis product at a public park in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The unexpected consequences Canada can expect from pot legalization.

Simple driving tasks were largely unaffected, but once normal distractions arose the wheels started coming off, according to the paper published in CMAJ Open.

Thinking of driving while high? A new study shows pot increases the risk of a crash even five hours after inhaling

As we anticipate a seemingly parallel drug policy chasm looming around marijuana, the Prohibition episode is instructive.

As Canada makes marijuana legal, the U.S. resorts to Prohibition-inspired tactics.

Canada is about to usher in the era of legal marijuana with laws and rules that contradict other ones elsewhere in the country—or even just across a bridge. Did it have to be like this?

With its patchwork of half-baked, absurd laws, Canada isn’t ready for legal weed

The retail price for a gram of pot has fallen about 50 per cent since 2015.

Oregon’s flooded recreational pot market a cautionary tale: economists