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Jair Bolsonaro may not be perfect but at least he has acquired the reputation as being a very honest politician who appears seriously concerned about the current state of widespread corruption and violence in the country.

It is not the jaw-dropping murder rate or endemic corruption which marks every aspect of public life and office in the South America nation, for they are but symptoms of the greater affliction: decade upon decade of left-wing government. Reformer Jair Bolsonaro aims to change that.

Following an interview with Wendy Mesley, Bernier took to Twitter accusing her of a ‘smear job’ and trying to link him to U.S. billionaires, the Koch brothers.

Maxime Bernier is furious after being interviewed by the CBC — and he may have a point.

This consultation with the public is for show, a vanity exercise on a national scale. It’s worse than pointless.

The Liberals’ ‘consultation’ with Canadians about banning handguns is pointless pretending.

The dictators are on the side that did not win the election.

I am hearing rumblings that the media and left are much nastier against Ontario’s Premier Ford and his government than against Premier Mike Harris back in the late 1990s. Not so far, actually.

What happened to Kinder Morgan – and has happened to other companies since Haida Nation – will eventually kill all private interest in major infrastructure and mining projects.

The Villain in the Trans Mountain Fiasco – and Other Fiascos since 2004 – is the Supreme Court of Canada

Mayor John Tory was once a leading voice for reasonable gun policy, rightly focusing on criminal gangs. Too bad he succumbed to grandstanding.

Cheap, anti-gun theatrics from Toronto politicians won’t stop another shooting.

An American flag reflected in a puddle outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Millennials are waking up to the grim financial future left to them by baby boomers — and they’re angry.