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The projected deficit for 2018-19 rose to $15 billion from the $11.7 billion predicted by the auditor general, the government said.

Ontario will have $15B deficit, not the $6.7B the Liberals projected: finance minister

Ontario lost 80,100 jobs in August, all part-time, the biggest decline for Ontario since 2009.

Canada loses 51,600 jobs, led by Ontario’s biggest drop in almost a decade.

Former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne acknowledges her supporters following the election results in Toronto on Thursday, June 7, 2018.

How a historic Liberal collapse and PC upheaval turned Ontario’s election into a wild horse race.

Ontario has dodged a bullet and the dirtiest election in ages is over.

TORONTO — With Progressive Conservatives handed a majority government on Thursday, Doug Ford took the stage in a Toronto ballroom and, thundering all the phrases that won him the premier’s office, heralded a new, Fordian era in Ontario: “The party with the taxpayers’ money is over,” he said. “It’s done.” Late Thursday night, the PCs […]

“They just pushed ahead.”

Liberals ignored green energy advice that could’ve saved Ontarians billions, lead engineer says.

Those were the days when beer came in stubby bottles.

PC government would reintroduce ‘buck-a-beer’ to Ontario, Ford promises.