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Mueller’s investigation flouts justice department standards.

[Richard] Gates was charged with $100 million in financial crimes — and pled guilty to two minor offenses, one of them highly questionable.

Sir Francis Bacon: Just another boring dead loser you don't need to know anything about.

We live in wretchedly moronic times in which even senators, lieutenant governors and other panjandrums who bestride the land know nothing of anything that happened before last Tuesday.

Obama kept tabs on the surveillance of Donald Trump’s campaign and associates via intelligence briefings.

Tom Del Beccaro: All Corrupt DOJ and FBI Roads Lead to Obama.

Hillary Clinton appears in Puerto Rico during a recent campaign event. (Associated Press photo)

Debunked anti-Trump dossier deliberately left out Hillary Clinton connection.

What the Nunes memo indicates is a spirit of politicization within the Justice Department, starting in the waning months of the Obama administration, which falls to levels not seen since Watergate.

GOP memo points to FBI using exact ‘enemies list’-style surveillance FISA was supposed to prevent.

The FBI is a topsy-turvy organization. It may be hard to believe, but the shots are called by the people who would appear to be at the bottom of the organizational chart.

The author is a former FBI agent, awarded the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement (NIMA).

Johnson is now asking the FBI to follow up with more details about the lost records and about whether it has conducted searches of non-government issued devices.

Whoops! FBI ‘Loses’ Five Months of Texts Between FBI Agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

How do you make someone look guilty of something he hasn’t done?

Fusion GPS founder’s testimony shows how we got the collusion narrative . . . and why it won’t go away.

Clarice Feldman outdoes herself in her latest column.

The next year looks even better for the U.S. as the rot which has been exposed in the media, Hollywood, and now the Deep State, gets a thorough excision by our consequential president and his talented cabinet which my online friend “Miss Marple” has dubbed the living Justice League.