james comey

Prosecutors, whether they are called “special counsel” or not, do not perform intelligence investigations.

It’s completely insane. But we are supposed to accept it.

The Vastly Overrated James Comey

The public is sorry, but once bitten, twice shy. The Humpty Dumpty federal FISA court process and the FBI credibility shattered in 2016 will not so easily be reconfigured.

Intelligence Leaders Testify at House Hearing on World Wide Cyber Threats.

Comey and Brennan, Leaders of the Coup

That these two reckless partisans headed up the FBI and CIA is the real scandal.

Daily Video 19/04/18

Hannity: House Republicans putting the deep state on notice.

Republicans in Congress are calling for criminal investigations into the potential illegal actions of James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and other officials with ties to the Steele dossier.

Jim Comey and his discredited inner circle in no way represent the FBI and its dedicated men and women.

Comey’s actions are ‘unworthy’ of the FBI, says former Assistant Director and 24-year veteran agent.

All of this may be profoundly unethical and disturbing. But the legal question is: do these actions pass the threshold for Abuse of Power, Perjury, Making False and Misleading Statements, and again, Obstruction of Justice?

Will Comey be held accountable for his behavior? Law enforcement cannot be above the law.

Mr. President!

Mr. President, the time to act is now. Fire these three stains on the Department of Justice and end this “attack on our country.” If not, the consequences for your presidency and our country will be severe.