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Tensions erupt in France as riot police fire tear gas at protestors.

PARIS in flames: Tensions in France erupt- Riot police fire tear gas at furious protestors

The yellow vest protests began three months ago (Image: Getty Images)

Rivals lose patience over Yellow Vests – ‘We no longer tolerate it!’

Yellow Vest protesters in Paris on Saturday, the 13th consecutive weekly demonstration.CreditCreditSameer Al-Doumy/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

Their numbers are dwindling, but the Yellow Vest protesters continue to bedevil the government of Emmanuel Macron.

Firemen work to battle blazing cars in Bordeaux on Saturday afternoon in scenes that are becoming familiar in Macron's France.

Yellow Vest activist’s HAND is torn off amid horrific scenes of violence between police and protesters in Paris

A picture shows the message “#MeToo” on the hand of a protester during a gathering against gender-based and sexual violence called by the Effronte-e-s Collective, on the Place de la Republique square in Paris on October 29, 2017.

#MeToo on trial in France as politician accused by six women launches defamation suit

Emmanuel Macron is under huge pressure following weeks of violent protests.

EU To Implode: Bloc must ‘change now’ after one of its ‘worst years’ in history – experts

In democracies’ political chaos, new model emerges.

Western liberal democracy seems almost quaint now, loitering quietly in the corner as its most prominent standing proponent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, steps slowly out of the limelight.

High-vis yellow vests will be donned again in less than 24 hours.

Tomorrow’s Yellow Vest violence set to be worst so far – and its spreading

The European Union could collapse if a new financial crisis targets the euro.

Brussels in ‘vulnerable’ position and THIS ‘could prove fatal’ predicts expert.