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Current proposals to flood the market with new affordable housing or to lift zoning restrictions won’t resolve anything.

Money laundering by foreigners is what’s really destroying housing affordability in Canada

Make no mistake: interference with a prosecution by influencing a prosecutor to go lightly or make a deal is a criminal matter.

Trudeau’s ‘sunny ways’ brand can’t survive allegations of full-scale criminality

CanaPux blends bitumen with a small amount of plastic to make pucks, which can float in water given the lightness of the plastic.

Now there’s a way to get Alberta oil to market without pipelines — and recycle plastic at the same time

AGCO’s rule of ownership means the lottery winners will not be able to either sell their licences, enter into a franchise agreement that would see someone else run the cannabis shop, or enter into any kind of partnership that would see them share or hand over control to another entity.

‘People are asking for millions’: Inside the legally fraught mad scramble to woo Ontario’s pot lottery winners

The bank is meant to “attract private sector and institutional investment to new revenue-generating infrastructure projects that are in the public interest.”

What has Trudeau’s Infrastructure Bank achieved? A recycled loan and millions in expenses.

Canadian travellers who work in the cannabis industry may face an additional layer of security screening at the U.S. border.

Canadian cannabis investor gets lifetime U.S. entry ban as conference goers face scrutiny at border

From July to September, the U.S. market index outperformed the Canadian stock index by a whopping 28.8 per cent annualized.

The ‘Trudeau Effect’ dragging down Canada’s stock markets just got much, much worse.

Wind and solar have become the fossils of the energy industry; oil, gas and coal remain the fuels of the future.

Trudeau stands alone as Canada — and the world — abandons green energy.

No political leader anywhere in the world is truer to Adam Smith’s prescriptions for free trade than Donald Trump.

Trump’s tariff war has one surprisingly strong supporter: Adam Smith