Dec. 19, 2017 – 44:32 – On Monday, Judge Jeanine Pirro fills in for Hannity, first diving into the improper and possibly illegal obtaining of emails from the Trump transition team, then asking how President Obama could have allowed militant group Hezbollah to thrive in order to push forth his much-derided Iran deal.

Trump’s national security in tradition of Truman, Reagan and reality, not elite fantasies.

Hillary Clinton campaign, DNC accused of ‘corrupt’ money scheme in new FEC complaint.

Europe’s far-right plays for keeps but faces hurdles.

Empty Churches

Is the UK Overthrowing the Christian Basis of the West?

Classic 1920s ‘Italian Rolls-Royce’ is transformed into a futuristic FLYING car concept capable of reaching speeds of 340mph using four jet engines.

Liberals 42, Conservatives 29, NDP 19, Green 6: Nanos

Sukhchain Brar, 52, blamed slain wife Gurpreet Brar as he began life sentence for her murder on Hwy. 402

What we’ve seen over the past 7 months at the Mueller investigation reveals a lot about how big government is a threat to representative democracy.

Trump’s Deregulation Binge

Study prompts new ideas on cancers’ origins.

Are the Irvings Canada’s biggest corporate welfare bums?

Now is the time for broad reform of Canada’s productivity-killing tax system.

Hopefully, some answers are coming as it becomes impossible to deny the stench of wrongdoing in high places.

The Co-Dependents of the “Independent” Counsel.

Austria: New Government to Resist “Islamization”.

Alphabet reveals radical ‘light beaming’ system to give cities high speed internet access without the need for cables.

Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization.

Canadian Oil Prices Plunge To $30.

Canadians owe $1.71 for every dollar of disposable income they have — a new record high.

With ice road complete, 1st haul of goods set to arrive in Churchill before Christmas.

Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down Trump?

Austria’s Far-right FPO returns to power – and it HATES Brussels bloc.