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“We think that our country can only be strong if we stick to our identity, if we stick to our heritage when it comes to history, religion, or culture": Szijjarto

Hungary: EU Wrong to Push Aside Christianity and National Identity, ‘Parallel Societies’ Dangerous

Firemen work to battle blazing cars in Bordeaux on Saturday afternoon in scenes that are becoming familiar in Macron's France.

Yellow Vest activist’s HAND is torn off amid horrific scenes of violence between police and protesters in Paris

British Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the EU in 1973 (Image: GETTY)

How politicians ‘conspired to keep truth about Brussels away from people’

Slogans on a wall in central Athens, in 2018. Getty Images

Nine years after the Greek debt crisis began, an alarming toll continues

And it is very difficult to take back power from a bureaucracy set on keeping it. Pass all the laws you like, win every election, and you still may not get what you want. Ask the British.

Not the people — nor, quite often, their elected representatives.

Whatever happens in the current Brexit fight, it will only be the first round of a long struggle.

Think Brexit is bad? It’s just a taste of what’s to come for Europe.

Trump: Iranian regime is 'leading sponsor of terror'.

EU risk ‘DESTROYING’ trade with the US as sanctions on Iran edge closer

Her throne will likely sit empty because Macron is the only leader with any desire to take it.

Angela Merkel is on her way out – and so is her vision for the EU.

"Political momentum in democracies everywhere is against the establishment": Ian Bremmer

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the newly christened ‘leader of the free world,’ is preparing to step back from politics — and experts say ‘the coming storm is … quite powerful’.

Ex-EU commissioner Pascal Lamy, a trustee of Friends of Europe, added: “Without change and reform, the EU will remain irrelevant to a majority of its citizens."

EU CRISIS: Shock poll sees half of Europeans brand EU IRRELEVANT ‘we’ll see more Brexits’

Trump claimed after he threatened the tariffs, Mr Juncker arrived in the US the next morning.

Trump launches searing attack on EU as he mocks Juncker at Mississippi campaign rally.

Vaclav Klaus says election of Trump was 'shock' that the U.S. political system needed.

Ex-Czech president calls for revolution to save sovereignty of European countries from EU.