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British Prime Minister Theresa May during a debate on a motion of no confidence, in the House of Commons in London on Jan. 16, 2019.

What can Canadians learn from Brexit? Secession is not quick and painless

Theresa May survives no-confidence motion by 19 votes.

Theresa May survives vote, but Britain remains in Brexit deadlock

People walk through the city centre of Amberg, southern Germany, on Jan. 2, 2019.

Far-right vigilantes start street patrols in German town after migrants detained for random assaults.

The UK is one of the most influential powers in the world, a study has found.

UK is world’s 2nd most powerful nation claims study – and Brexit will not impact dominance

Iran's terror campaign is not directed only at the West's democratic ally in the Middle East, but also at Europe itself.

In 1938, the leaders of France and Britain signed the Munich Agreement with Hitler and Mussolini. Today’s short-sighted effort by Europe to appease Tehran for profit is simply a replica of its 1938 surrender.

Dutch Education Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (pictured) called the statements of Ahmet Akgündüz, former rector of the Islamic University of Europe, "horrifying", and said that a special committee will be formed to investigate his remarks and that, if necessary, the accreditation of the school will be revoked.

What is Being Taught at the “Islamic University of Europe” in the Netherlands?