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Germany: Full Censorship Now Official.

Winner gives EU warning over east-west divide saying ‘REFLECT ON BREXIT’.

The New Collaborators.

The EU’s institutional architecture is often regarded as being too complex for citizens to properly engage with.

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam.

Poland IGNORES EU’s pleas for unity by BACKING Turkey to join bloc in disaster for Juncker.

Juncker calls the shots: Jean-Claude orders new Austrian leader to form PRO-EU government.

Victory for Austria’s new anti-EU leader and surge in support for anti-immigrant party sends shockwaves through Europe as Merkel warns of ‘big challenge’ ahead.

UK cost of living ANCHORED by sky-high taxes and state meddling – shock report.

Macron and Merkel face rebellion from countries fed up with them blocking Brexit, MEP says

How Barcelona Became a Victim of the Barcelona Process.

European Court of Justice will be able to SCRAP final deal, MPs warned.

REVEALED: How the EU bank has made £7.2BILLION profit from Greece’s financial crisis.

‘A poisonous gift for democracy’ Germany slammed over plans for European Monetary Fund.

EU chief’s vision for a United States of Europe will ‘take 100 YEARS’,

‘Forcing Migrants on Nations Will Mean the End of the EU’: Polish President.

Brussels terrified Catalonia chaos could erupt into CIVIL WAR: Merkel ally voices EU fears.

Catalonia to move to declare independence from Spain on Monday.

EU Attacks Brutalised Catalan Voters for Mounting ‘Nationalistic Coup Against Europe’.

‘One inch from CIVIL WAR’ Spanish officers ATTACK Catalan police amid explosive unrest.

‘The Strange Death Of Europe’ Says Europe’s Decline Is A Choice.

Sweden’s brand new first Islamic party, Jasin, is aiming to run for the 2018 parliamentary elections.

After the recent German election, that country may be a step closer to assuming its full status as the greatest power in Europe, and the greatest in the world after the United States and China.

EU furious as UK embarks on ‘Brexit diplomacy tour’ of Europe states to BYPASS Brussels.

On Saturday night, at the end of a speech on immigration, I was asked by a lady in the audience about Sunday’s impending election in Germany.