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Brexit news: Dominic Raab has warned Brussels the UK is not bluffing over no-deal plans.

UK ‘steps up’ preparations for no deal Brexit as Brussels panics.

David Lidington told Radio 4 today the deadline could be extended to Nov.

Brexit bombshell: October deadline ‘scrapped’ as EU relaxes timeframe for deal.

Donald Trump's advisor issued an angry message to Juncker.

US v IRAN: Trump issues furious ultimatum to European Union leaders – back us or them

The eurozone would be threatened by a relaunched Deutschmark.

‘Victims of Euro’ Germany could sink bloc by ‘relaunching deustchmark”

EU budget commissioner Gunther Oettinger said Germany's offer is against its coalition agreement.

EU demands more cash from Germany: Merkel faces £10bn to plug Brexit blackhole

Trump is waging 'economic warfare' says Iranian academic.

Donald Trump fires warning to EU: Do trade with Iran and you will not do business with U.S.

The government, which was sworn in on June 1, does not seem willing to put a halt on the reforms.

The Lega-Five Star Movement (M5S) coalition has sparked fear among European investors and market analysts.

Downing Street has denied claims that Theresa May is preparing a concession to the ECJ.

UK will not submit to European Court of Justice – Downing Street rejects Brexit stitch-up.