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German Chancellor Angela Merkel

With the chancellor under heavy fire from Bavarian conservatives, Germany’s political landscape may be facing radical upheaval. Angela Merkel might lose her job and the country’s traditional center-right partnership could soon end.

Stung by Brexit and riven by disputes over refugees, the great enterprise is now teetering on the knife edge of either continental victory or possible retreat.

The revolt comes to Germany.

President Trump is not a happy camper.

Trump condemns ‘BRUTAL’ EU as he promises TOUGH new trade policy.

Outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels.

Contrary to politically correct dogma, Christianity, military deterrence, democracy, and veneration of a unique past did not destroy Europe.

Instead, the culprit of European decline was the very absence of such ancient values — both then and now.

Dempsey warned that the Jean-Claude Juncker's European Commission is "extremely worried".

Italy set to SINK Macron’s reform: Brussels fear EU founder will unleash ‘enormous damage’.