emmanuel macron

In essence, the people’s revolt against Macronism speaks to a profound crisis of legitimacy among the 21st-century political class and a willingness within the public to kick up a fuss about things they might previously have been silent about.

The ‘gilet jaunes’ — or yellow-vests, after the hi-vis vests they wear — are in rebellion against Macron’s hikes in fuel tax.

'If the government makes the historic mistake of prioritizing placating the EU over establishing an independent and whole U.K., then regrettably we must vote against the deal'

Will Theresa May abandon Brexit proposal? She might have to — or face defeat.

Protests against Macron have hit France.

Chaos on the streets: Protests erupt in France in furious backlash against Macron.

Macron is describing a future that tens millions of Europeans believe means the death of the nations that give meaning to their lives.

“Together,” President Macron instructed President Trump, “we can resist the rise of aggressive nationalisms that deny our history and divide the world.”

MACRON FACES REVOLT: Party members QUIT ‘unelected’ president’s ‘cult of personality’.