She’d have held out for independence, deal or no deal with Europe (or Ireland) and looked to America, Canada, and the other freedom countries as the way forward.

How would the Iron Lady handle what the nervous Nellies are calling a colossal constitutional crisis?

Chavez and Maduro destroyed what was once a prosperous nation. Many on the Canadian left have spent decades defending them.

He’s shooting starving Venezuelans, yet somehow Canadian socialists still support Maduro

Yellow Vest protesters in Paris on Saturday, the 13th consecutive weekly demonstration.CreditCreditSameer Al-Doumy/NurPhoto, via Getty Images

Their numbers are dwindling, but the Yellow Vest protesters continue to bedevil the government of Emmanuel Macron.

Trump has about 20 months before he faces the voters once again. If he wants to remain president beyond 2020, he needs to study what he did right Tuesday night and stick with it.

If only Trump would do that more often