donald trump

As bad as the administrative state is in the United States, it is even worse in many other countries.

Globally, people are fed up with being micro-managed by far-away government bureaucrats, who are more concerned about their own powers and perks than the people who have to suffer from rules in which they had no say.

“People seem pretty motivated”: Trump

A Republican red tide is pushing back against the Dems’ blue wave.

Capitol Police arrest protesters who had formed a mob in front of the Capitol ahead of the successful confirmation vote of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in Washington, D.C., October 6, 2018.

The Democrats have shown themselves incapable of responsible political action, and incapable of responsible government, too.

C'mon, Justice Kennedy. Obamacare v. Playboy: It would be a decision for the ages — and an act of bracing constitutional hygiene.

If the Supreme Court really wished to perform a service, it would declare that henceforth no law can be longer than, say, 27 pages — or, at any rate, no longer than the copy of Playboy Congressman Conyers was reading on that commuter flight.

Under Senator Feinstein’s leadership, the Democrats have introduced weaponized slander into the arsenal of ordinary political weapons.

The Democrats have created an environment that will render ordinary political discourse almost impossible for years to come.