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If, as one theory went, the video was surveillance set up by Jason Kenney’s office, it was very sloppy, since Prab Gill spotted the camera and gave it a cheery salute.

A creepy video, conspiracy theories, and an Alberta election campaign with the air of French farce

If Jason Kenney’s UCP wins Alberta’s election, Horgan will be Canada’s most isolated premier, both geographically and politically. And he’ll have brought it on himself.

The forces B.C. premier Horgan happily unleashed on Trans Mountain have now turned on him

Year-end interview with United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, December 20, 2018.

Jason Kenney says he will demand energy industry CEOs ‘get in this game’ against anti-oil activists

With a lot of people running for many nominations and a whiff of power in the air, you’re bound to get a bad apple or two, right?

A possible UCP nomination fight scandal? That’s just a sign of success, Jason Kenney says

There are literally dozens of tankers that come into Atlantic Canada and down the St. Lawrence Seaway. Why aren’t we in a knot about that?,' asks Sen. Doug Black.

The federal tanker ban doesn’t really ban tankers. Just Alberta oil.

Ontario’s owes $311 billion, routinely billed as one of the world’s highest levels of subnational debt.

Worried about Alberta debt? Pity poor Ontario.

Map of Trans Mountain pipeline and proposed expansion; Merritt is between Vancouver and Kamloops.

With the stroke of a pen in British Columbia, Alberta’s New Democrats have descended from deep trouble to grave political crisis. Their great hope of a smashing political win — construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline — is stymied yet again by the people Premier Rachel Notley used to call friends. Alberta’s provincial election is […]

Only bad publicity seems to shake Alberta’s justice system.

It’s last call for Alberta PCs unless one of Jason Kenney’s opponents quits.

Faced with the end of their party, PCs ponder kicking out Jason Kenney.