democratic meltdown

Robert De Niro hurls f-bomb at Trump at Tony Awards Actor's profanity-laced tirade met with cheers at awards show.

De Niro’s crude attack on Trump proves liberals are beside themselves that the he keeps winning.

Wasserman Schultz became fixated on finding out everything investigators knew about Awan, the House sources said.

Wasserman Schultz Screamed At House Officials To Kill Hacking Probe, Intervened In Pakistani Criminal Matter.

Democrats can still give America the gift of laughter. They are past masters of the low art of farce.

A farce is a comedy marked by buffoonery and crude, ludicrously impossible events. So is the Democratic party.

President Trump waves from the South Lawn of the White House, May 14, 2018.

Bumptious as Trump may be, he has eliminated Obama’s mojo-destroying cringe.