democratic mayhem

If Ford won’t agree to testify, hold the vote tomorrow as planned.

When someone is accused of criminal conduct, the burden is not supposed to be on the accused to convince us that it didn’t happen.

In sum, in death McCain was transmogrified into angelic status by the very architects who in life were responsible for his demonization.

Trump’s initiatives are often long overdue moves that would never have happened in either a “sober and judicious” Democratic or Republican administration, however much they might have been polled and discussed.

In this Oct. 25, 2017, file photo, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., pauses before speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. Three decades after early warnings about global warming, the issue has become entrenched in the nation’s culture wars.

McCain’s office urged IRS to use audits as weapons to destroy political advocacy groups.

President Donald Trump speaks to reporters upon his departure from the White House in Washington, D.C., August 17, 2018.

Formal protections for free speech are important and necessary, but they do not amount to very much without a free-speech culture to back them up.