democratic imbeciles

If you're conservative you have to love this young woman.

Liberals and Moderates Rage at Each Other at Closed-Door Meeting of House Democrats

The time to stop this agenda is growing very short.

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights passed a special election vote Tuesday, giving the fourth largest of the Great Lakes “the right to exist, flourish and naturally evolve.”

Lefty 1 percenters should shove their billions into a huge pile and then show us the money.

Let Democrats Pay for Their Anti-Black Abuses

The Oversight Committee is going to focus on a lying tax cheat, in the hopes he gives the majority a soundbite for the next election.

Look over there! Something shiny!: Democrats seek to distract with Cohen hearing

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden takes a moment during a recent Democratic rally in Indiana. Some analysts now suggest he’s not the best bet for a 2020 presidential candidate. (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Joe Biden’s favorability now considered ‘malarkey’

The spirit, if not the letter, of “sanctuary” may have obscured Arriaga from federal scrutiny.

The murder of police corporal Ronil Singh highlights the deadly consequences of Democrats’ border-weakening and ‘sanctuary’ policies.