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In response to the call from Irving, Postmedia clarified that fact-finding inquiries were in progress.

Federal ministries investigate after officials provide Irving Shipbuilding with information about Postmedia journalist

Lawyers observing the case have told Postmedia they estimate the cost at this point for the prosecution to be between $10 million and $15 million.

Mark Norman one of only three people DND refused to give help with legal bills in past two years

Situations occur where mistakes happen.

‘We’re not perfect’ says DND as court to hear about alleged attempts to withhold information in Norman case

A Canadian flag patch is shown on a soldier's shoulder in Trenton, Ont., on Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014.

A really dysfunctional culture’: Questions raised as public directory of Veterans Affairs staff made secret for ‘safety’ reasons.

The project was originally to build five AOPS and only proceed with a sixth if Irving could find savings and work within the existing budget. That didn’t happen.

Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving to cost $800M — double the cost of other five

Norman was suspended after it was reported that the newly elected Liberals planned to delay a contract awarded to Davie Shipbuilding for a navy supply ship.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s defence lawyers intend to probe actions of Liberal minister: court filings

We filed this complaint because, in our view, the evaluation did not follow the process defined, resulting in a competition that was neither open nor fair.

No need to ensure purchased military equipment actually works, government officials argue in procurement dispute.

Vice Admiral Mark Norman in 2013. Norman was removed from command on Jan. 9, 2017.Cpl. Michael Bastien/DND

Tories accuse Trudeau of political interference in Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case.

Mark Norman’s treatment made even more outrageous by strong whiff of politics.

Mark Norman case transferred to Halifax prosecutors as RCMP re-interview government employees.

Taxpayers will eventually spend $2.3 billion on the ships once the project is fully underway.

Construction of Canadian navy’s supply ships delayed until 2019, Liberal report reveals.

Cancel federal shipbuilding program, launch fixed-cost competitions to save money and get ships quickly: report.

French-Italian consortium offers Canada a deal on a new fleet of frigates that could save $32 billion.

Irving wants to sell Arctic patrol ships to other customers but are the vessels too expensive?

Concerns raised that new Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker won’t arrive until 2030.

What’s the latest on delivery of new navy ships? That’s hush hush, federal government says.

Helping Ukraine’s military more than just providing weapons, building ammo factory, says Canada’s Defence Minister.

20 years of stable funding for the Canadian military? Think Again.

Appearing to retreat on claims made last year, Liberals steer toward boost in defence spending.

Afghan operation Sajjan tried to take credit for was a failure, according to U.S military investigation.

Inside the mysterious removal of the Canadian military’s second-in-command.