climate change

The question should be asked: are we looking at the wrong phenomenon and should be debating global cooling?

When pollsters realized the public and elected officials weren’t buying global warming as a concept or policy, in a brilliant political move, they came up with the phrase “climate change.”

In essence, the people’s revolt against Macronism speaks to a profound crisis of legitimacy among the 21st-century political class and a willingness within the public to kick up a fuss about things they might previously have been silent about.

The ‘gilet jaunes’ — or yellow-vests, after the hi-vis vests they wear — are in rebellion against Macron’s hikes in fuel tax.

One of these days the "greenies" are going to get something right. Faint hope I know.

Major Math Error Puts Widely-Cited Global Warming Study On Ice

1575 Winter Landscape with Snowfall near Antwerp by Lucas van Valckenborch.

Europe’s Little Ice Age : ‘All things which grew above the ground died and starved’

Alaska's unseasonably warm weather is a result of the 'blob' - a period of high pressure over the state's coast. Previous iterations of the blob have appeared and had significant impacts on the Lower 48.

Freakishly warm weather in Alaska and a pool of abnormally hot ocean water in the Pacific known as ‘the blob’ could play havoc with American climate.

Explosive volcanoes like Mt. St. Helens in 1980, blow materials including platinum up and into the atmosphere.

Platinum provides evidence for ancient volcanic-related climate change, says study

The researchers stress that their results should not be used to argue against greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself.

This is the last refuge of some the biggest, ugliest, most mendacious scoundrels on earth.

Fossil Fuel ‘Subsidies’ – If You Believe They Exist I’ve Got a Bridge to Sell You