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Guterres said that the Paris climate accord did not go far enough and called on countries to make an even more “ambitious” commitment to ending greenhouse gas emissions.

U.N. Secretary: Rise of Nationalism Threatens Fight Against Climate Change

These greenies have blood on their hands. And they have done nothing to benefit the natural world they claim to respect.

Don’t Blame Trump for the California Wildfires – Blame Environmentalists!

The researchers stress that their results should not be used to argue against greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself.

It is impossible to correct what the IPCC did partly because each Report built on the deceptions of earlier Reports.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) a Premeditated Crime Against Science Justified with Artificial Certainty.

In the end voters are likely to pull an Ontario and decide that there are things that are more important.

For the first time a major political party has gone into an election with an anti-green platform and won big time.

Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford arrives at the Postmedia offices in Toronto for an interview with the Toronto Sun on Friday June 8, 2018.

Doug Ford determined to scrap ‘disastrous’ cap-and-trade.

A massive subterranean heat source has been discovered under the West Antarctic Ice Shelf.

NASA finds huge heat-source in Antarctic behind ice shelf crumbling.