After the EU rejected her Chequers plan last week at a summit in the Austrian city of Salzburg, she blamed the bloc for the negotiating 'impasse' and insisted that 'no deal is better than a bad deal'.

Annual Conservatives conference under siege by May defending Brexit conundrum from all sides.

Downing Street has denied claims that Theresa May is preparing a concession to the ECJ.

UK will not submit to European Court of Justice – Downing Street rejects Brexit stitch-up.

German Bundeswehr army soldiers at Bad Reichenhall in 2016.

Merkel is happy to browbeat other EU countries over their fiscal and migrant commitments, but please don’t bother her to spend on her own defense.

May is said to have told Ministers she already 'cleared' the plan with Merkel.

Shock claim May said plan ‘can’t be changed because MERKEL has cleared it’.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

With the chancellor under heavy fire from Bavarian conservatives, Germany’s political landscape may be facing radical upheaval. Angela Merkel might lose her job and the country’s traditional center-right partnership could soon end.

It might seem hard to believe, now, but once upon a time, the United Nations was a favored tool of U.S. diplomacy.

Virgil: Trump Administration Puts America First and the United Nations a Distant Second.

Greek debt crisis in 2009 has seen Merkel's German budget boosted.

‘Germany profited MASSIVELY from Greek debt!’ BILLIONS put in German budget by crisis.

Ms Merkel has been granted a two-week grace before Mr Seehofer seeks to implement his tough new asylum laws.

Trump says Germany is turning on Merkel over migration ‘Big mistake made all over Europe!’

Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected a Eurosceptic finance minister.

Political chaos in Italy a potential boon for euroskeptic parties.