cap and trade

To meet Trudeau’s 2030 target, Canada will have to cut emissions by 192 Mt annually within 12 years, the equivalent of shutting down Canada’s entire oil and gas sector (189.5 Mt annually).

Trudeau’s got gall accusing Ford of moving emissions goalposts

For those still stuck on a carbon tax, ask yourself why Trudeau’s 4.5 cent-per-litre tax would turn the tide when higher existing gasoline taxes haven’t done so.

With pragmatic new climate change plan, Ontario offers antidote to eco-hysteria.

Federal government must take 'immediate action' to preserve manufacturing jobs, Ontario premier warns.

Doug Ford blames Trudeau’s carbon tax for GM plant closure

Until the crazed circumstance of the blockade on Alberta energy is resolved, all talk of 'reducing carbon emissions' … should be shelved.

Shelve those ‘carbon’ taxes until the oil is flowing

Ontario Premier Doug Ford was elected in June but has remained in campaign-mode.

‘It’s time for Doug Ford to stop campaigning and start governing’, so says Toronto’s Red Star

In the fantastical ambition to change the Earth’s climate, Canada is not even a player. It is at best a ball boy on the court, scampering after fouls.

The art of politically expedient planning in an age of climate ague.

"The electorate is restless."

CAQ’s victory in Quebec, rise of conservative provincial parties, a ‘wake-up call’ for Trudeau’s Liberals, say Grit MPs.