cap and trade

Meaning well is worth squat on any of the files they’ve failed on. But only one of them involves what the Liberals have insisted is the very future of humankind.

In the war over carbon pricing, the Trudeau Liberals’ soul is at stake.

The clause does a lot of things, but it definitely can't help a province opt out of a federal tax it doesn't like.

No, Ontario almost certainly can not use the notwithstanding clause to block the carbon tax.

The researchers stress that their results should not be used to argue against greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts.

Climate taxes on agriculture could lead to more food insecurity than climate change itself.

B.C. Premier John Horgan said he supports the “Fox News” approach.

…And they decided their biggest problem isn’t Trudeau’s carbon tax or Doug Ford’s obstinacy in fighting same. It is…wait for it…FOX NEWS!!!

Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford arrives at the Postmedia offices in Toronto for an interview with the Toronto Sun on Friday June 8, 2018.

Doug Ford determined to scrap ‘disastrous’ cap-and-trade.