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Uranium fuel rods are seen stored in travelling cases in a closed-off area of a nuclear power plant in Tiverton, Ont., in a file photo from April 28, 2008.

How Canada almost left the door to the nuclear club ajar … again

Members of the Wet'suwet'en First Nation have been preventing company workers from getting through their checkpoints, asserting they can only pass if they have consent from hereditary leaders.

Even when companies do everything by the Aboriginal book, they can’t get shovels in the ground

The eagle feathers now available at Nova Scotia courts were harvested by Mi'kmaq in New Brunswick. Their cases were hand made in Nova Scotia.

Eagle feathers introduced to Nova Scotia court system for legal affirmations

Excerpt: In Right Here, Right Now: Politics and Leadership in the Age of Disruption, the former PM argues the ‘deplorables’ have something important to tell us.

The future is populist in this age of disruption, Stephen Harper says in new book.

A broader narrative of defending the public interest (“the people”) from the combined assault of a thousand interest groups — of limited, rules-based government as the only kind that truly serves the many, rather than the few — may have legs.

There is room in Canadian politics for Maxime Bernier’s worthy experiment.