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Norman has two main lawyers but his legal costs are not known. Sources, however, say the significant delays in getting basic documents for his defence is pushing his family into bankruptcy.

Taxpayers cover cost of lawyers for Trudeau, others in SNC Lavalin affair but no help for Vice Adm. Norman

In response to the call from Irving, Postmedia clarified that fact-finding inquiries were in progress.

Federal ministries investigate after officials provide Irving Shipbuilding with information about Postmedia journalist

Lawyers observing the case have told Postmedia they estimate the cost at this point for the prosecution to be between $10 million and $15 million.

Mark Norman one of only three people DND refused to give help with legal bills in past two years

Astravas’s poor memory for a period hardly lost in the mists of time — her most frequent response was easily “I don’t recall” — was remarkable.

Norman defence says attempt to obstruct justice within DND ‘now in play’

Norman's lawyer asked that the searches be prioritized, as the defence is planning to bring an abuse-of-process motion in March.

Former PMO staffer’s personal phone and email records must be searched, court hears in Mark Norman case

Situations occur where mistakes happen.

‘We’re not perfect’ says DND as court to hear about alleged attempts to withhold information in Norman case

Suspended Vice-Admiral Mark Norman and one of his lawyers, Christine Mainville, outside court in November 2018.

Not such a show of state power since prosecution of Conrad Black

It remains unclear why Norman has been criminally charged over cabinet leaks but Matchett has not.

Court filings in Mark Norman case offer first details of how a bureaucrat allegedly leaked cabinet documents.

The project was originally to build five AOPS and only proceed with a sixth if Irving could find savings and work within the existing budget. That didn’t happen.

Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving to cost $800M — double the cost of other five

Norman was suspended after it was reported that the newly elected Liberals planned to delay a contract awarded to Davie Shipbuilding for a navy supply ship.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s defence lawyers intend to probe actions of Liberal minister: court filings

We filed this complaint because, in our view, the evaluation did not follow the process defined, resulting in a competition that was neither open nor fair.

No need to ensure purchased military equipment actually works, government officials argue in procurement dispute.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman has been charged with breach of trust over an alleged shipbuilding leak.

Finally, thanks to Trudeau’s bad judgement, Canada is going to learn all about our military acquisition program, in open court and under oath by the officer accused (falsely) of leaking secrets. You can’t make this kind of idiocy up. Nobody would ever believe you. And “yes, yes, I know”. It’s all Top Secret and he can’t talk about it.

“Wanna bet?”

Canada’s Arctic can only be its own responsibility.

Canada’s lack of modern icebreakers does not only threaten the Arctic environment.