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The retrial is now expected to begin Wednesday in front of Morrison alone.

‘Jury shopping’ by prosecution behind judge’s decision to call mistrial in Dennis Oland murder case

The eagle feathers now available at Nova Scotia courts were harvested by Mi'kmaq in New Brunswick. Their cases were hand made in Nova Scotia.

Eagle feathers introduced to Nova Scotia court system for legal affirmations

Yazidi human rights activist and ISIL survivor Nadia Murad, co-recipient of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize, listens to a question at a news conference in Washington on Oct. 8, 2018.

Dealing with our own war criminals is the very least Canada can do.

Charmaine Stick (right), an Onion Lake Cree Nation member, sued the band for the right to know the salaries of the chief and council members, and to see basic financial statements.

Onion Lake Cree Nation releases financial statements after losing court battle.

Norman was suspended after it was reported that the newly elected Liberals planned to delay a contract awarded to Davie Shipbuilding for a navy supply ship.

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s defence lawyers intend to probe actions of Liberal minister: court filings

An elite group of academics, lawyers, judges and special-interest groups is using the courts to do end-runs around elected Canadian governments.

Canada’s powerful ‘Court Party’ insists we won’t get any pipelines. Period!

The hypocrisy of those screaming about Ford and the notwithstanding clause is on full view.

Judges have their own notwithstanding clause.

What happened to Kinder Morgan – and has happened to other companies since Haida Nation – will eventually kill all private interest in major infrastructure and mining projects.

The Villain in the Trans Mountain Fiasco – and Other Fiascos since 2004 – is the Supreme Court of Canada

The decision slaps a large sign on Canada’s resource industry that reads: Closed for Business.

Trudeau said he’d solve pipeline stalemate problem. The reality — not so much.