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The elephant in the room.

Liberal base ‘less than enthusiastic’ as Trudeau prepares to defend four-year record to ‘volatile electorate,’ say Grit insiders

Steel pipe to be used in the oil pipeline construction of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project sits on rail cars at a stockpile site in Kamloops, B.C.

Ottawa may have overpaid for Trans Mountain by up to $1B, parliamentary budget officer says

Eritrean refugees want to sue B.C.-based Nevsun Resources over alleged forced labour at its gold mine.

Top court weighs precedent-setting case of human rights breaches at Canadian mine in Eritrea

CanaPux blends bitumen with a small amount of plastic to make pucks, which can float in water given the lightness of the plastic.

Now there’s a way to get Alberta oil to market without pipelines — and recycle plastic at the same time

A core role of government is dispute avoidance and resolution. Yet, politicians are ducking accountability for their failures and pitting Canadians against each other.

Canadians are united. It’s the politicians that are the problem

The carbon tax as the final frontier? Nope. Just the current one. After that, brace yourself for the next attack.

The carbon tax isn’t the end goal – what comes next will be even wilder, like a meat tax.

Some say the fund could replicate all-too-familiar patterns of the past, when Ottawa’s 'innovation' money has reliably coincided with supports for a private sector in crisis.

Experts warn Ottawa’s latest innovation fund could be falling under political influence