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‘Screw You America, my comeback career comes first’

Only Mitt Romney Could Make Rookie Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Look Less Toxic

It isn’t President Trump who should “keep his mouth shut” but Maxine Waters.

The Real Story About How California Became ‘The Land of Raging Infernos’.

Trump will not be pandering to the PLO and repeating the same mistakes made by former American Presidents.

Trump’s PLO shutdown paves way for Jordan-West Bank reunification

One of the greatest factors in China’s position in the world today is because in May, 1994 the country was given Most Favored Nation status by none other than Bill Clinton.

The Swamp runs deep and it’s messy. But as for China and the Trade Deficit, let’s give credit where it’s due– Bill Clinton

Mr. President!

Mr. President, the time to act is now. Fire these three stains on the Department of Justice and end this “attack on our country.” If not, the consequences for your presidency and our country will be severe.

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.—~Mother Teresa

Saint John’s Program For Homeless/Addicted Women Threatened by County Bureaucrats.

Clinton blamed the defeat on voters who ‘didn’t like black people getting rights’ or women getting jobs, in video of her remarks on Sunday shows.

It’s Not Hillary’s Sprained Hand That’s The Problem, It’s Her Incurable Brain Sprain.

Trump and Ford have similar goals of lowering taxes, bringing back jobs and cutting waste.

Doug Ford should not be quick to reject Trump comparison.

The grandees of that party should note that the appearance is that the legitimate leader was ejected in a cooked-up dawn-raid smear campaign.

‘Make America Great Again’, as President Trump saw again in Pennsylvania last night, because it will be a sea of blue hats, marked with the words, ‘Make Ontario Sane Again’.

Many important questions remain unanswered.

Ottawa and Alberta governments are using solicitor-client privilege to hide the truth about RCMP rights violations after 2013 flood in High River.