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Daily Video 27/12/18

Gorka: President Trump is reversing Obama’s oxymoronic foreign policy and is reasserting American leadership overseas.

Thick smoke from an airstrike by the US-led coalition rises in Kobani, Syria.

If you’re waiting for war to break out, it has. Except that like victims being hunted by the Predator we cannot see it because it is radiating in a non-visible wavelength.

Meghan McCain speaks at a memorial service for her father.

The McCain Funeral Marked the End of an Era for the Globalist War Party

There is a resiliency about Americans when the government gets out of the way. Bank on that.

Trump’s birthday gift to America – A booming economy.

Kennedy joined Sotomayor’s ruling in full, but wrote a brief concurring opinion containing something of a bombshell.

…That these elderly judges would give it up and get a life but no, they hang on. For what? More Trump aggravation? I’m beginning to wonder if they are political masochists.

Winer was exec at lobbying firm for Russians who bought Uranium One.

Obama State Dept Official Who Aided Dossier Author Was Key Player in Dubai Ports Scandal.

“When they look back at the history of this thing a hundred years from now, the Clinton and Bush administrations, the strategic miscalculation about China will go down in history as one of the greatest failures of the elites and the leadership of this country – the mid-nineties to up until, really, President Trump came on the scene, the whole ‘China’s gonna change.’”

Brett Decker: ‘Trump in One Year Is Already Better Than 16 Years’ of Bush, Obama ‘Put Together’’