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President Trump can now be even bolder on one of his strongest issues.

Trump’s Historic Impact on Judiciary in 2018 Promises Even Greater Gains in 2019

Farmers are taking fewer risks.

South Africa in Recession After Land Threat: ‘Shocking Drop in Agriculture’

One digital firm showed just how easy it is to hack into a voting machine by releasing a video showing how it is done.

11-Year-Old Hacks into Mock Florida Election Results Website in Under 10 Minutes.

President Trump congratulates Brett Kavanaugh.

NRA Activating Six Million Members in Support of Brett Kavanaugh

The Warsaw visit is Orban’s first after his recent re-election as Hungary’s Prime Minister, his third consecutive term and fourth in total.

The West Never Experienced Communism, So Can’t Understand Eastern Europe.

California has some of the most stringent gun controls in the country.

‘Assault Weapons’ Ban, Firearm Confiscation Orders, Did Not Prevent YouTube Shooting.

“Islam is not a constitution to govern. It’s a constitution to guide. And even that can be questioned because you cannot impose your faith on anyone, whether you have a government or not.”: Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi: ‘All Islamic Governments’ Are Failures ‘Because Religion Is Not a Constitution’.

Democrats booed Trump’s criticism of chain migration — a reminder of the difficulty that lies ahead.

President Donald Trump used his first official State of the Union address to propose a compromise on immigration. While offering an amnesty to 1.8 million so-called “Dreamers” — illegal aliens who entered the country as minors — Trump also insisted that “Americans are dreamers, too.” Trump’s immigration proposal was as follows (as prepared for delivery): […]

“When they look back at the history of this thing a hundred years from now, the Clinton and Bush administrations, the strategic miscalculation about China will go down in history as one of the greatest failures of the elites and the leadership of this country – the mid-nineties to up until, really, President Trump came on the scene, the whole ‘China’s gonna change.’”

Brett Decker: ‘Trump in One Year Is Already Better Than 16 Years’ of Bush, Obama ‘Put Together’’

Handlesblatt’s reporting highlights the shallowness of much of the U.S. media’s coverage of the tax bill

German economists are warning that the tax overhaul bill that now awaits the signature of President Donald Trump will mean that “significant amounts of new investment and jobs will shift from Europe to the United States,” according to the German business news publication Handelsblatt.

Jerusalem 101: Why President Trump’s New Policy Is Such a Big Deal.

President Donald Trump proposed a contest for mainstream media networks to highlight the most dishonest network reporting about his presidency. “We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me),” he wrote […]

Steve Bannon Says One Thing Has Forever Broken the Democrat Party.

Bannon Tells Remembrance Project Event: Central Issue of 2016 Election Was ‘Sovereignty of Our Country’.