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Trump is on the right track with economic sanctions against Iran but he needs to go much farther.

What Khomeini described and Kissinger analyzed succinctly is an ideology that commits Iran to terrorism and violent conquest.

That Neeson’s expression of regret for his past thoughts counts for nothing in the eyes of the new morality police is striking, and worrying.

The primal need for vengeance condemned by the Irish actor is now on full display by his haters and detractors

Her throne will likely sit empty because Macron is the only leader with any desire to take it.

Angela Merkel is on her way out – and so is her vision for the EU.

He birdied the last for a 64 and finished as runner up.

Tiger Woods was legendary.

Intelligence Leaders Testify at House Hearing on World Wide Cyber Threats.

Comey and Brennan, Leaders of the Coup

That these two reckless partisans headed up the FBI and CIA is the real scandal.

Every school shooting has been concluded using guns.

He’s insane, they tell ya! He’s crazy bonkers even to suggest such a mad, loony, wacky idea. He’s as flaky as a corn flakes factory and as potty as a Pottery Barn. He’s so completely bughouse that he should be fitted with a straightjacket and locked in a rubber room after being sedated with a tub of the stuff they use to subdue rogue rhinos.