One of the best lines in the movie “Animal House” is when the incorrigible partying frat brother John “Bluto” Blutarsky (John Belushi) says: “Seven years of college, down the drain.” Well, in the wake of President Donald Trump’s flurry of first-week executive orders, you can almost hear dozens of former Obama administration officials saying: “Eight years of policies, down the drain.”

That’s because President Trump has indeed done about as much as a president can do on his own over the past week to begin the process of unraveling a lot of President Obama’s policies. While many see his flurry of executive orders as some kind of new agenda, the real impetus behind every signed order has been to try to first bring many of the nation’s policies back where they were in 2008.

Leading that parade was the basic elimination of the crucial individual insurance coverage mandate for Obamacare, which President Trump did by signing the executive order allowing federal agencies to stop enforcing it.

Then there’s his executive order aimed at allowing border agents more freedom to detain undocumented immigrants and end the policy of “catch and release” that other presidents have allowed and President Obama revived last year.

And the third big one was the executive order removing the Obama administration roadblocks for the Keystone and Dakota Access oil pipeline products.

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