Super Gravity

SCIENTISTS have located an enormous object hidden under the frozen wastes of Antarctica which is so vast it causes extraordinary changes in gravity.

Some researchers believe it is the remains of a massive asteroid which was more than twice the size of the Chicxulub space rock which wiped out the dinosaurs.

But rival theories point to links with the Nazis in the Second World War, while some people claim it could be a massive UFO base or even a hidden portal to a mysterious underworld called Hollow Earth.

The “Wilkes Land gravity anomaly” was first uncovered in 2006, when NASA satellites spotted wild gravitational changes which indicated the presence of a huge object sitting in the middle of a 300 mile wide impact crater.

It stretches for a distance of 151 miles across and has a maximum depth of about 848 metres.

But the mysterious observations have long fuelled speculation and now UFO hunters Secure Team 10 have posted a YouTube video about the anomaly.

The video narrator says: “To this day, scientists have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf.

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