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Obsessed with the need to make good on their promise to “repeal and replace ObamaCare,” but hamstrung by Democratic strength in the Senate, Republicans in Congress are looking to pass a fast partial repeal, with replacements to come later. Bad idea.

To be clear: Full replacement will likely take at least a year — both because of those Senate issues, and because it needs replacing with not just one thing, but many.

Democrats’ insistence on “fixing” everything they thought wrong in American health care in one giant bill is a key reason the ObamaCare law was such a disastrous kludge.

But any true repeal/replace effort must start with giving Americans more choices — not just killing all ObamaCare taxes and spending, as GOP leaders (especially in the Senate) seem to be planning.

Conservative activists Heather Higgins and Phil Kerpen point the way to begin: by “zeroing out penalties for selling non-compliant plans (a k a, the plans people actually want, not the ones designed by bureaucrats in Washington) by adding language to the repeal bill that is similar to that used to eliminate penalties for violating the individual and employer mandates.”

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Here’s another thought. Obama and his ilk are doing their utmost to smear Putin and convince Americans of the dangers to America Trump poses because he refuses to join them beating on their war drum of distraction. Well, I just found this Ronald Reagan speech and I find it interesting considering the latest antics of Obama, the DNC and their misinformation army. Reagan refers to his out reach to the then President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. He speaks of the value of having Russia as an ally in the face of a hypothetical but extremely dangerous threat to both… Read more »


Speaking of thoughts, here’s what I think. Obama will blanket pardon Hillary (as Ford did for Nixon). Most likely on his last day. He will claim he is doing so not because he thinks she is guilty of criminality. He will claim he is doing it to save her from a angry vindictive Donald Trump’s continued and unjustifiable harassment of an innocent person. About half of America will eagerly chug another glass of the Kool-Aid and agree with him.