Shock Admission

EUROPE’S finance chief has blown another hole in the economic arguments of Remoaners with a shock admission the bloc’s much-vaunted Single Market does not work well for countries like Britain.

Polish eurocrat Elżbieta Bieńkowska conceded that the common economic area, which is usually presented as Brussels’ crowning achievement, “does not function properly”.

Her comments were directed towards the services sector, which makes up 80 per cent of the British economy and accounts for around a third of all our exports to the continent.

And they will come as a hammer blow to europhile MPs trying to make the increasingly shaky economic case for shackling Britain to the struggling eurozone post-Brexit.

Announcing a raft of proposed reforms to the Single Market to boost the services sector, the £200,000 a year eurocrat said: ”Services represent two thirds of the EU economy and generate 90 per cent of new jobs.

“But the Single Market – this jewel that is all too often taken for granted – does not function properly for services.

“As a result, we miss out on important potential for jobs and growth.”


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