Shirking Responsibility

If Trudeau & Co. care as much about asylum seekers as they claim, why aren’t they providing the necessary funding?
If Trudeau & Co. care as much about asylum seekers as they claim, why aren’t they providing the necessary funding?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to stop acting like a deadbeat parent and provide for the tens of thousands of asylum seekers who have streamed into Canada from the U.S. at unmanned border crossings through ‘irregular migration.’

I’m using the terms preferred by Trudeau and his minions — as opposed to illegal border crossers — because that triggers the Liberals into accusing anyone who uses them of being ‘un-Canadian’ and part of the ‘alt-right,’ which is their predictable, dumb and desperate attempt to dodge the real issue.

Back in the real world, what’s un-Canadian is for Trudeau’s government to admit almost 30,000 asylum seekers into Canada through unmanned border crossings and then dump the responsibility for looking after them onto provinces and cities, which had no say in the process and lack the resources to cope.

The Liberals portray critics of their actions as racists — the same way they portrayed critics of their Islamophobia motion — in order to divert attention from the real issue.

In this case, it’s the Trudeau government shirking its responsibility to help provincial and municipal governments cope with the cost of caring for these asylum seekers as their claims are being adjudicated, which often takes years.

Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, when he isn’t accusing Ontario Community and Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod of fear-mongering and divisiveness, keeps saying he has the backs of cities and provinces having to cope with irregular migration.

Based on Trudeau’s actions so far, that’s utter nonsense.


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Shirking Responsibility? That’s putting it mildly. The current situation is going to ensure the same eventual catastrophic results for our society that it already is to European society. The only difference is that thanks to the annoying obstacle the Atlantic Ocean presents to these millions of foreign invaders, ours will be in slow motion. Canadians need to put on their thinking caps on many Liberal issues, but particularly this border issue. Take a good look at this latest tactic from Trudeau to misled, deceive and placate concerned Canadians. Are we all supposed to breath a collective sign of relieve that… Read more »