Shengen Shambles

THE shocking gaps in EU border control were laid brutally bare today as Brussels leaders finally agreed to put in place measures to check who is entering and leaving the continent.

Documents published by the EU Council show how, for decades, policing of immigration has been so lax that member states did not even share information on new arrivals with each other.

Amazingly no serious attempts have previously been made to boost border cooperation despite the creation of the Schengen zone in 1995, which abolished internal borders on the continent.

The jaw-dropping lapse has meant that people arriving from outside the bloc in one member state were totally unknown to all the others, despite being completely free to travel right across Europe.

It will finally be closed for good after more than 20 years as eurocrats scramble to react to the growing threat of Islamist terrorism which has seen ISIS jihadis cruelly exploit the weakness of the borderless zone.


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