Separatism ‘Non’

As Europe reignites with separatism, as the British exit the EU, Quebec will, in a typical example of Gallic contrarianism, do the opposite, and probably finally settle down into accepting the Canadian federation.

As an American, in my youth, I was taught rather erroneously in geography class that French was a second language in Quebec. During a class visit to Montreal in my early teens, I was soundly disabused of this. It was the first language in Quebec. Even those who could speak English, made a point of refusing to do so.

Of course, this was the time of a resurgent Quebec nationalism, inflamed a few years earlier by Charles de Gaulle’s famous July visit to Montreal’s World Fair – Expo ’67 – where he uttered the (in)famous words:

“Vive le Québec! Vive le Québec Libre!” – Charles DeGaulle

from the City Hall balcony.

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We’ll see how the Hair-Apparent handles this. For decades, the federal/provincial song and dance about power and money caused a lot of frictions that Quebec politicians used to bang the separatist drums. Harper put a stop to it, and provincial minsters meetings became boring and the separatists no longer found a useful punching bag in Ottawa. The federal Liberals, of course, want to extend their power into provincial jurisdiction and the song and dance is starting up again. We can survive one term of Prime Minister Butts and his sock-puppet, Justin … but if the Liberals get back into power… Read more »


Ya FIGGER – The creeps are getting their bread buttered on both sides these days, why in Heavens name would they want things to change.
They have screwed the ROC for soooo much for soooo damn long…


Not sure about this because I don’t live there. However, I know folks who do and I’m waiting for them to weigh in.