Security Threat

Taking into account the current controversy swirling around the prevalence of fake news in the mediasphere, it has become increasingly difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. The fake news syndrome, as it turns out, is primarily a mainstay of the Left, which is constantly being caught propagating outright falsehood — Trump removing the bust of MLK from the Oval Office is only a single but representative instance of a widespread offensive to distort and falsify. Trying to ascertain truth has become a mission rivalling the quest for the Holy Grail.

When it comes to the activities of George Soros, however, much is known. Soros is a man of the deep Left whose campaign to destabilize the U.S. is powerful and pervasive. Should he be allowed to operate freely, he will continue to wreak enormous damage, aided by a large constituency composed in part and at various removes of the individuals and groups he has subsidized. There is no doubt about the extent of his interference in domestic affairs. And there is no doubt that something needs to be done about it, certainly before his likeminded son Alex inherits his empire and persists in advancing the father’s regime-change and conflict-creation agenda.

Soros believes, as he writes in The Age of Fallibility: Democracy, Human Rights and Open Society, that “sovereignty is an anachronistic concept,” a conviction that explains his push for the principle of open borders that also characterizes the European Union. Although the Schengen Agreement has proven disastrous for Europe, as terrorists and “fakefugees” (Selwyn Duke’s phrase) travel freely across its territory, Soros wants the same disintegrative effect to develop in the U.S. When he goes on to state that “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States,” his intention to sow discord and weaken the nation he detests is amply clear.

This is why he is so virulently antagonistic to Donald Trump, who wants to make America great again and disassemble Obama’s regulatory nightmare. (There is little question that Soros was behind the violent disruptions of Trump’s political rallies.) Soros is all for a multilateral world, an international legal system that rules over individual states and institutions, and an end to the free market, which means, Becket Adams explains in The Blaze, “that transactions between private parties would be governed by state intervention, including restrictive regulations, taxes, tariffs and enforced monopolies.”

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Maybe taking charitable status from the phony charities that are nothing but political entities that he funds.

He wrote, “the main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States,”. He would prefer the world order that he once worked for?

In any case, he and his organization needs to be neutralized.


Polonium would help resolve the Soros issue.