Scheer Absolutely Correct

“There’s many examples where agreements and pacts and accords signed onto are used as justifications for rulings in our own courts”: Scheer
“There’s many examples where agreements and pacts and accords signed onto are used as justifications for rulings in our own courts”: Scheer

All it took to get Canada’s media talking heads to notice the United Nations Global Compact for Migration was for Andrew Scheer to say something about it.

Then, they started fact checking him.

A search of CBC’s website showed no coverage from a Canadian point-of-view about the compact until this week. They had some stories about Germany and Austria debating the issue but nothing about Canada.

Then, Scheer said he was against the compact and a Conservative government would not sign on.

Suddenly, Canadian media outlets were interested in this international agreement and wanted to fact check Scheer.

It is an odd habit of the media that cover Parliament Hill, they seem to put more effort into fact checking the leader of the opposition, the guy not in power, than the prime minister.

Soon, a former Harper-era cabinet minister was found to dispute Scheer and CBC and the rest of the Laurentian elites were off.

Campbell Clark at the Globe and Mail is claiming that opposition to this treaty is all about anti-immigrant right-wingers fanning flames.

Like CBC, and others, Clark points to a tweet by former Harper Immigration minister Chris Alexander as proof Scheer is wrong.

Nothing like showing a fight between Conservatives while ignoring the actual issue, the actual document.

So let’s back up a bit.

What did Scheer say that got the media so incensed that they finally paid attention to this agreement Canada will sign onto next week?


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Well Canada. We have but until Tuesday (72 hrs) to dissuade our snow board instructor leader from signing away our nation’s sovereignty. A different version of ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ . if we sit meek and silent while this globalist open borders fool surrenders our country to the world order we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves. It’s embarrassing having to be taught that your country is worth fighting for, by the French of all people.