THE Government has responded to a public petition as it faces pressure from the British public to abolish the unelected House of Lords.

More than 92,000 people have so far called for the Lords to be replaced with an elected membership system as costs hit £100million every year and fall out continues from the Brexit vote.

In a petition to Parliament, tens of thousands of the British public have demanded that the organisation should be completely reworked, claiming it is the second largest unelected political organisation in the world.

The largest political group is the communist China’s National People’s Congress with 2,987 members.

However, China has a population of 1.36 billion as opposed to the UK’s population, which has ballooned from 61 million to 66 million in just 10 years.

Currently, there is room for 650 members who are eligible to take part in the work of the House of Lords – the majority of which are life peers.

But their intervention in the debate over Brexit and their deliberate stalling over the triggering of Article 50 has infuriated members of the public.

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